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Real name: 
Chris Pergantis
Chief Executive Officer

I have taught classes for technical skills, mostly programming. During those times when I was training people in the use of sytax and logical statements; one of the skills I would make sure they understood was communication. It is my belief that without communication skills, technical skills are just about worthless. I have never had a problem that was not caused by a person. I also have never seen a solution that was not conceived and put into effect by a person. My experince with many different types of businesses gives me a better understanding of what exceptional business software systems look like. 

With over 40 years of hands on computer technology design and implementation. Having just as many years communicating with others concerning business process; I am uniquely qualified to design, implement and train your next system. Perhaps the best way to describe my talent is to say its a passion for me. I care about my co-workers, my customers and their bsuinesses. You can believe that because most of my clients have remained my clients for a long time. Software development by many is believed to be a engineering science. I am on the other side of this issue and know it to be an art form. Just as the painter sees the results in his mind before he starts, I see the data structures and user interfaces as I am discussing any project with my client.

I appreciate those who have taken the time to learn from my drive, patience and candor. I have always put our clients' time and business production before our activities. Under my direction we have never cased a business to have intteruptions or other detriments during any of our projects. We must be doing it right because we have had no failed projects.

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Real name: 
Ben Coleman
Chief Technical Officer

As a programmer and senior systems analyst, Ben Coleman has acquired the knowledge and considerable skill that make him such a valuable member of the Accelerated Design team. This strong background in IT, with over twenty years of application development and network administration experience, makes him eminently qualified to guide your project.

It is this very background that enabled him to take on the transition to The Open Source CMS Drupal and make the changes necessary for our clients to come out ahead for their web based solutions. Your company can count on Ben to develop applications uniquely suited to you.

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Real name: 
Robert Artigas
Chief Operations Officer

It’s his years of experience in project development that make Robert Artigas so invaluable to Accelerated Design. Starting in 1975, he’s acquired an extensive level of knowledge in hardware, software, and programming languages, and has worked as a database administrator, project leader, systems analyst, and programmer analyst. His proven skill at achieving solutions that are just right for small businesses can now work to your advantage.

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Real name: 
Linda Lund
Content Manager

As an experienced project and process manager, business analyst, content writer, editor, and documentation specialist, Linda holds a unique position on the team. Her experience with business requirements, process redesign and documentation bring together an understanding of business and technology needs with the art of creatively communicating information clearly and simply. Our communications platform is designed for business owners and leaders that need clear, concise, easily understood information in order to make smart, informed technology decisions for their companies. She is delighted to be a part of the profileES team.